Gain motivation

First, I am sharing my own questions, I've asked myself, because I want to help you & hope you find your motivation faster then I did.

What is inspiring for you right now? Which Social media accounts to do you like? What music do you love? What do you want to do for a living & what are you good at doing? Life is crazy and let's be honest, we ALL have our ups and downs. Sometimes I can work 13 hours and focus very good, and sometimes I can only focus for 5 hours and that's OK.

Take time for the things you love. This point is also super important, because we sometimes distract ourselves too much & loose contact to ourselves & we can get easily unhappy, when we don't MAKE time, for the things that we love. That's HOW you gain #Motivation .

Use tools

The tools like social media is useful for showing, what you can. Be open with your friends & family about it.

I felt first extremely overwhelmed by all the information, the internet was giving me about, what to share, when, how & WHERE specifically. There are thousands of apps out there and you need to find your favourite one. I personally always liked instagram the most. If you would like to find young people, who you would like to motivate, then I think TikTok could be great too for you .

The right Mindset

Your mindset is the map for your subconscious. That's why we should use this awesome tool, to believe in what our abilities are. I know it sounds easier than done. BUT it's true that, if you're convinced by anything, it will work out!

One example:

Years ago, I was always scared to become self-employed, just because I heard so many bad things about it. It was scary to think about taxes etc. just because you need to learn things, who you don't get confronted with, in everyday basis as an employee or in school.

Make a Vision board,

Why you SHOULD create a Vision board

Like I said, your subconscious is the most powerful tool that you CAN use, for bad but also for GOOD. Everything you see, feel, taste & experience is being saved in your brain. All sentences you grew up & heard, are in your subconscious. They can sometimes say not really helpful things like: Madita, you can NEVER learn this, you're too stupid. But why do we tell ourselves these things? Because in our young age, somebody said maybe too many times these things to you, who weren't true.

So, back to the topic vision board. We want to create goals. Put them onto a paper first, then look for pictures who look like what you want. After this, you download Photoshop or a similar app, to throw all your photos there and to combine them. They may are numbers, signs, photos & places that you WANT to have in the future, so put it on your vision board.

I did exactly this one year ago, and I swear it works. You will find a way, if you believe it, to achieve everything you want. Never say you can not! YOU CAN. #reachingyourgoals

I believe in you and you should do the same.

My favourite English books about life & mindset