What YOU can do to make yourself & family feel comfortable

First, there is never a right and wrong with these kinds of things, and I believe that everybody needs to find their way with a shooting. But there are tips from my experience for the moms/dads:

  1. Bring toys, blankets & clothing to make yourself and your child feel comfortable. The outside factors are creating a huge point for yourself and your child. This means to organize 1 or 2 days in advance a bag with everything your child needs, like if you would go to a park with them.
  2. Listen to your music or tell the photographer, what you like to hear, to help your photographer create a safe and happy space.
  3. Bring inspirational photos with you, that you have found on Pinterest or something similar. That means photos you would love to have in the album your photographer makes with you. It's always good to know what you want and like.
  4. Take snacks and drinks to your shooting to make sure, everybody will have enough energy and motivation for the shooting.

What you can expect from your photographer

Your photographer, based on the experience, will know how to calm you and your kids down by starting a connection with you and your child, through body language and open communication. They know that it takes time and patience, to create beautiful pictures. Kids & adults need time to feel safe and happy with a person. Giving your kids full attention and listening to your and your kids' feelings is always a priority, so if you feel not well or if your kids need a break, then just say it. There is not any force in us to be "perfect" so let us make authentic moments, which will be created automatically in safe and happy moments. Prompts are key for the shooting. If you see the photos above, they are not only beautiful, but you can see also, how genuine everybody is smiling with just enjoying time in the park with their family.

Have FUN

This point is super important because you and your kids mostly will remember how the photo was created. Don't try to pressure yourself with having perfect photos. The photos are going to be perfect because every human and family is special and deserves to feel that way. I want in my photo sessions that my families are dancing, cuddling & just having time with each other. The photographer just captures the small moments with each other, and it's always becoming magical.

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