First things first.

Before I am starting here, I want to let you know that what I am telling you here are just my recommendations for you. I love to get feedback and see different styles from different cultures! I am always open for your outfit ideas and hope to see yours.

My personal experiences

In most of my shootings, I tried to give the recommendation to wear colours, where you can't get sick of. I saw in the past many photographs from families and couples, where their personal taste changed completely. They have worn bright colours in shootings, but didn't liked them any more later. It's normal to change our taste, but you want to have pictures for your life where the focus is on you and your loved ones. Just think: Will I love this pattern or colour on my clothing still in 3 years, or even 15 years? If your answer would be maybe, then it's not recommendable for you. I will give you know few examples which colours and outfits I loved for professional Fotoshootings, who will still look beautiful in 15 - 30 years. Just try to stay classy and neutral with your colour palette.

Wear different fabrics.

Try to use different fabrics too. Some of my favourite natural fabrics are, per example: muslin, cotton or linen. It's important that you feel good in it, in your outfit. It will bring also depth to a shooting, and stand out in a beautiful nature environment or classical old town.

I hope this helps you for your next boho shooting.